The weirdest jelly flavor you'll ever love ...

I should be doing a million other things right now (seriously, if you saw the list, your head would spin), but right now I'm thinking about the biggest sleeper hit jelly in our line: Creole Tomato Basil Jelly. We're selling out of jars like it's the last jelly on earth.

I'm thinking about this jelly, but not because we're selling so much of it. I'm thinking about it because this seasonal jelly really embodies the Locally Preserved mission and how we do business. It also demonstrates our off-the-wall, not-necessarily-systematic approach to developing a new flavor. Which goes something like this:

Step 1: What's in season? What do my farmers have tons of, and what do they need to sell a.s.a.p.?

Answer: "Well, Emily, it's Creole tomato season. I've got beaucoup tomatoes," says Greg Sanamo of Tomott's Cajun Farm. (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the picture.)

Step 2: Okay, we have tomatoes out the wazoo all summer. It's always bothered me that we have this abundance of tomatoes and I don't use enough of them. But that's what we do at Locally Preserved – we figure out how to use them. We sort've reverse engineer a flavor based on what my farmers want me to buy. So, now I think, 'What flavors (herbs, spices, other seasonal fruits/veggies) go with tomatoes? I need to make something different – something you don't see everywhere.'

Answer: Ooooh, I love a good caprese salad – tomato basil is a perfect combo. And our growers have basil by the bushel. Tomato and basil are savory ingredients, but as a chef, I know this combination will work as a sweet jelly. Tomato and basil both have flavor affinities for sweet ingredients (strawberries with basil, tomatoes with sweet, sharp balsamic vinegar).

Step 3: Make the jelly. Taste the jelly. Do a happy jelly dance. Jar the jelly.

Step 4: Watch people pick up the jar at my table at the farmer's market and give me the doubtful, "Really?" face. "Yep. Here, taste it," I say. Enjoy the look of confusion and delightful surprise on their face. Laugh when they scoop up the last three jars and ask if there are more. Make a mental note to send a jar to Greg at Tomott's.

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Hellooo Baton Rouge!

Locally Preserved now sold at Calandros

We are thrilled to annouce that 21 flavors of both Fruit Syrups & Simple Syrups are now available at Calandro’s Supermarket on Perkins Road. You can find this delicious selection of products in their Wine & Spirits Department next to the Bitters.

This is a perfect example how businesses are ‘Growing Together Locally’ in and around New Orleans - and we couldn’t be happier! Baton Rouge, you asked for it and we delivered. 

Calandro’s Supermarket - Perkins Road12732 Perkins Road                                             Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810                       Ph: (225) 767-6659                                    Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am to 9pm & Sunday 8am to 7pm

Navel Vanilla Bean Dream Syrup

NEW FLAVOR ALERT:  Navel Vanilla Bean Dream Syrup

Calandro’s is officially the very first location that you can purchase our newest flavor - our version of the Dreamsicle…

Navel Vanilla Bean Dream OH MY! 

Here’s the Story

 One of New Orleans’ most iconic cocktails—the Ramos Gin Fizz—was an ancestor of the ‘dreamsicle’ flavor that inspires us at Locally Preserved still today. During carnival of 1915 (100 years ago!), at the Roosevelt Hotel this cocktail would have been served up with quite the spectacle as the drink passed through the hands of a dozen shaker boys, each whipping the cream, egg whites, and syrup into a silky body that was the stuff of dreams. Henry Ramos' original recipe became an instant classic and has been reproduced time and time again, sometimes with a dash of vanilla added to the mix. The blend of creamy, floral, and citrusy flavors evolved into an elixir all its own, and dreamsicle syrups—fusing orange, vanilla, and often topped with condensed milk—are common in the line up of snowball stands throughout the city. In the spirit of the original Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail, flavors and recipes change as they're passed down the line. With our Navel Vanilla Bean Dream syrup, we're preserving local history and local flavor, while working together to create something new!

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Can Mardi Gras Be All-Natural?

Locally Preserved King Cake

Well, its official - We have finally recovered from the holidays and are now well into the 2015 Mardi Gras season. Only 3 weeks left!

It’s been a festive one so far and we are proud to annouce the switch to all-natural purple (beets & cabbage), green (spinach), and gold (tumeric & saffron) sprinkles which are handmade in small batches. We also made the switch to Creole Cream Cheese this year made by #LPFarmerHenry at Mauthe’s Progress Milk Barn in McComb, MS. 

One thing to remember about Creole Cream Cheese is that its more like Sour Cream, and not very much like regular Cream Cheese at all. In fact, when baked into a cake it gives the dough more of an airy sponge like texture. So you won’t find the pool of oozing Cream Cheese that you see in other local King Cakes.

Making these small changes on our journey to use as many ingredients that are all-natural and local really keeps me excited! There aren’t too many King Cake options out there with all-natural sprinkles!!! So, so much fun - and pretty too.

We received so much love over the last few months since my last newsletter that I really wanted to give a few shout outs to everyone that continues to support our ‘locally grown’ business- Thank you WGNO TV & Dietitian Molly Kimball for including our Sweetless Jams in her Holiday Gifts segment, and to both and the Idea Village for including us in their Holiday Gift Guides. To Good Eggs NOLA for always holding our hand and shaking those pom-poms and also to be named ONE of 15 New Orleanians to Watch in 2015 by! Judy Walker we LOVE you!

This year already we are working harder and harder, tackling many small business road blocks to bring you - New Orlean's 1st ALL-NATURAL manufacturing facility - to PRESERVE all that grows locally. And to be able to distribute our products only in the region where the produce is grown to make those products.

Remember, when you purchase a jar of Locally Preserved, your not just buying 'Jelly'. Your buying a mission. Your contributing to well deserved, hard earned income for our local farmers. Your helping us create amazing jobs within our community. Also, your giving us the fuel to continue to make wonderful, delicious products made from ingredients grown right in your backyard.

We have a tough road ahead this year - but we are commiting to make it happen for each and every ONE of YOU.

Thanks again for helping us all Grow Together Locally,

xo Emily & the Locally Preserved Team

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We Are THANKful for YOU!

The past few months have truly been a blessing. I want to take a few minutes to make sure each and every one of our supporters knows how very grateful I am for you. THANK YOU! If I could squeeze you, you know I would! We have grown our business so much lately and are making huge strides towards our mission of sustaining farmers, creating jobs and allowing our amazing community to enjoy more delicious foods that are not only made here, but GROWN right here in our backyards.

Last month we were fortunate enough to be invited to attend Terra Madre otherwise known as the birth place of Slow Food in Turino, Italy. For those of you that do not know about Slow Food, in short its the idea that 'our food should be tasty, seasonal, local, fresh and wholesome.' There is an entire international organization that is dedicated to this way of life and it started in Italy! Every 2 years it conveins in Turino and brings individuals from all walks of life together to what I like to call, the same dinner table. These individuals represent every connection we have to the way food is grown, harvested, manufactured or prepared and enjoyed including producers, distributors, farmers, believers, professors, manufacturers, eaters, bartenders and this list can go on and on. Being my first time, I sat back and took it all in. To be able to look around the rooms and just be in complete awe of the magnitude of this organization was moving. It truly is astounding at how important food is to our society and how we survive. I feel like I have new eyes now. Ones that have been awakened. Upon my return to the US, I have hit the ground running and am now more than ever just unbelievably excited to be creating so many amazing products alongside the hardworking friends of mine that we call, farmers.

These farmers are really doing all the hardwork day in and day out to ensure that millions of Americans can provide delicious foods for their families on their Thanksgiving dinner tables. In my opinion, this holiday is the most important holiday to spend a few extra dollars at the Farmer’s Market or with other small businesses that can help make an impact in our farmers lives. 

This season is filled with abundant produce like Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkins, Collard Greens and Kale. Pecans have been harvested and the Turkey’s are just right. Oh, and did I mention that the Louisiana Citrus season is well underway? Below, I have listed all the ways to spend your holiday budget back into our community, with lots of options to support our local farmers. 

Locally Preserved wishes everyone a very thankful Thanksgiving and promises to always make your holidays extra sweet. 

Thanks again for helping us all Grow Together Locally,

xo Emily & the Locally Preserved Team

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Chase Mission Mainstreet Grant Program

We are proud to be a part of Chase’s Mission Main Street Grant Program. There are 8 days left to help us achieve our goal of 250 votes to reach 

the next level in the competition. As of this morning, we only need 187 more votes!

Help us receive a $150,000 GRANT from Chase. 


Chase is working with Google, the premier sponsor to help small businesses like ours, GROW!

You too can help Locally Preserved be eligible for a $150,000 GRANT from Chase. Just go to our page and VOTE by October 17th.

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1st Annual Crescent City Farmer’s Market Moonlight Market Gala

Eat, drink and mingle with fellow local food enthusiasts while supporting the Crescent City Farmers Market at the first annual Moonlight Market. 

Purchase your tickets here.


Patron Party 6pm - 7pm SOLD OUT

Tickets: $100/person; 

35 & under: $75/person 

Craft cocktail demonstration by local mixoligist Ian Julian, featuring Locally Preserved syrups and local spirits from Donner-Peltier Distillers. Food provided by Continental Provisions - a new real food venture from St. James Cheese Co., Cleaver & Co. and Bellegarde Bakery, coming to the French Market this Fall. Ticket prices include admission to the Moonlight Market event that follows the Patron Party at 7pm.



Moonlight Market 7pm -10pm 


Tickets: $45 in advance; $55 at the door

Farm-to-Table Fare from 

20 Top New Orleans Restaurants

Local Craft Beer Garden, Wine Bars 

and Local Grain & Cane to Glass Cocktails

Live Music

Silent Auction



Thanks & Love to the Generous Supporters:

Bayona • Bhava • Bittersweet Confections • Boucherie • Broussard's • Cane & Table • Carrollton Market • Clancy's • Construct Jewelry • Continental Provisions • Crucial Inc. • Dickie Brennan & Co. • Domenica • Dominique Giordano Jewelry Design • Donner-Peltier Distillers • Emeril's • Emeril Lagasse Foundation • First NBC Bank • High Hat • IBERIABANK • Kingfish • La Divina Geletaria • La Petite Grocery • Le Creuset • Link Restaurant Group • Locally Preserved • Mariza • Maurepas Foods • Meauxbar • Mopho • Patois Pearl Wine Co. • Octavia Books • Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group • Restaurant August • Reyn Studios Southern Insurance • Supreme Exercise • Sylvain • Three Brothers Farm • Toups Meatery

 • Wells Fargo Bank

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