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Hellooo Baton Rouge!

Locally Preserved now sold at Calandros

We are thrilled to annouce that 21 flavors of both Fruit Syrups & Simple Syrups are now available at Calandro’s Supermarket on Perkins Road. You can find this delicious selection of products in their Wine & Spirits Department next to the Bitters.

This is a perfect example how businesses are ‘Growing Together Locally’ in and around New Orleans - and we couldn’t be happier! Baton Rouge, you asked for it and we delivered. 

Calandro’s Supermarket - Perkins Road12732 Perkins Road                                             Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810                       Ph: (225) 767-6659                                    Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am to 9pm & Sunday 8am to 7pm

Navel Vanilla Bean Dream Syrup

NEW FLAVOR ALERT:  Navel Vanilla Bean Dream Syrup

Calandro’s is officially the very first location that you can purchase our newest flavor - our version of the Dreamsicle…

Navel Vanilla Bean Dream OH MY! 

Here’s the Story

 One of New Orleans’ most iconic cocktails—the Ramos Gin Fizz—was an ancestor of the ‘dreamsicle’ flavor that inspires us at Locally Preserved still today. During carnival of 1915 (100 years ago!), at the Roosevelt Hotel this cocktail would have been served up with quite the spectacle as the drink passed through the hands of a dozen shaker boys, each whipping the cream, egg whites, and syrup into a silky body that was the stuff of dreams. Henry Ramos' original recipe became an instant classic and has been reproduced time and time again, sometimes with a dash of vanilla added to the mix. The blend of creamy, floral, and citrusy flavors evolved into an elixir all its own, and dreamsicle syrups—fusing orange, vanilla, and often topped with condensed milk—are common in the line up of snowball stands throughout the city. In the spirit of the original Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail, flavors and recipes change as they're passed down the line. With our Navel Vanilla Bean Dream syrup, we're preserving local history and local flavor, while working together to create something new!

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