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Do you have good eggs?

By now many of you have either heard about Good Eggs or seen it on our labels. But do you know what it is????

Essentially, Good Eggs is a virtual farmers market! If you have ordered from us online before it’s similar to Etsy in the way it sells products to consumers but Good Eggs only sells locally produced or farmed goods.

Instead of shipping your products, Good Eggs personally delivers them to your doorstep — or you can pick them up from convenient pick up spots around New Orleans.

You can either choose to shop directly from the producer in the ‘Direct from Producer’ tab (which is recommended if you only want to purchase from one shop) or have it aggregated with all your other weekly groceries when you shop in the ‘Via Good Eggs Market’ tab (which is recommended if you want to purchase from more than one shop.)

The mission of Good Eggs is to ‘grow and sustain local food systems worldwide’. Good Eggs started in the San Fran/LA area and is also available in NYC. But surely, New Orleans will change the world!

Good Eggs NOLA is available to all customers in and around New Orleans, and will be expanding soon to include the West Bank and Mandeville.

Since teaming up with Good Eggs, our local sales have been amazing! Feed Me Eat Pretty LOVES Good Eggs and you should too! You should want to put the team over there in your pocket so you can carry them around all day and pull out fresh grown goodies any time you want. Because that is really what they have done for this glorious city!

Check it out:

Now, go buy some GOOD EGGS!